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CATIA Training in Patiala


     CATIA Training in Patiala

    CADD Centre offers an advanced course in CATIA V5, a leading parametric solid modeling software. CATIA comes with engineering, design, and systems engineering capabilities. CATIA V5 courses in Patiala.

    When it comes to engineering, it enables rapid development of high quality mechanical products. It empowers engineers to do digital prototyping, digital analysis and simulation to understand the quality and performance of product designs early in the product development phase.CATIA Training in Patiala

    CATIA lets users to design shapes and reach high levels of surface sophistication with its 3D sketching, visualizatoin features. Best CATIA Courses in Patiala With CATIA product developers can take an integrated systems engineering approach. They can do requirements engineering, systems architecture definition, detailed modeling and simulation to manage the complex development process.CATIA Training in Patiala


    Overview :

    CATIA V5 course introduces the user to CATIA V5, one of the world’s leading parametric solid modeling packages. This course emphasizes on the solid modeling techniques that enhance the productivity and efficiency of the user.

    This course is structured in a pedagogical sequence, covering the Part, Assembly, Drafting, Wireframe & Surfaces and Generative Sheetmetal Design workbenches of CATIA V5. Every session provides with detailed explanation of the commands and tools in CATIA V5. This approach allows the user to understand and use the tool in an efficient manner.


    Learning Objectives:

    At Chandigarh Computer Centre, we help you master the following capabilities of CATIA Courses in Patiala :

    Parametric solid modeling, free-form surface modeling, reverse engineering, styling, and computer aided industrial design, engineering drawing and drafting, product and manufacturing information, reporting and analytics, verification and validation, knowledge based engineering, reuse, sheet metal design, assembly modeling, digital mockups, simulation, stress analysis, finite element method, kinematics, complete fluid dynamics, thermal analysis.


    Learning Outcome:

    • You will learn advanced solutions for conceptual design, 3D modeling, and documentation.
    • You will learn to do product design, industrial design and styling (optimize form, fit, function and user experience), streamline 2D design, drafting, documentation with powerful tools for layout, drawing, and 3D annotation You will do assembly design, sheet metal design, and template based design
    • You will know how to perform CAE geometry editing, comprehensive meshing, fine element assembly management, multi-CAE environments.
    • You can carry out visual analysis and validation which will give you high quality performance insights for product decisions.


    CATIA Training Syllabus in Patiala:

    Introduction of CATIA :

    • Workbenches
    • Toolbars
    • Specification Tree
    • Compass
    • Mouse Usage
    • File Operations


    Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench-I

    • Invoking the Sketcher Workbench
    • Units, Grid Settings
    • Construction and Standard elements
    • Drawing Sketch objects I
    • Inferred Constraints
    • Exiting the Sketcher Workbench
    • View Manipulation


    Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench-II

    • Drawing Sketch Objects II
    • Modifying sketch Objects
    • Sketch Transformations


    Constraining Sketches and Creating Base Features

    • Constraining Sketches
    • Geometric Constraints
    • Dimensional Constraints
    • Sketch Analysis
    • Creating an Extruded Solid Using the Pad Feature
    • Creating a Revolved Solid Using the Shaft Feature
    • Assigning a Material to the Model


    Reference Elements and Sketch-Based Features

    • Reference Elements
    • Drafted Filleted Pad Features
    • Multi-Pad Features
    • Pocket Features
    • Drafted Filleted Pocket
    • Multi-Pocket Features
    • Groove
    • Extruding and Revolving Faces


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